An Autistic ADHDer with a passion for creating

About Samantha Stein

Samantha Stein, widely recognized as Yo Samdy Sam on YouTube since 2019, has become a prominent figure in the online world of autism advocacy and neurodiversity. Her journey into this realm began with a personal revelation – a diagnosis of autism at the age of 33. Armed with a unique perspective, a background in Psychology, and a genuine passion for fostering understanding, Sam creates content that not only educates but also entertains.

In 2022, she published the widely acclaimed workbook “So You Think You’re Autistic,” which quickly became a bestseller. The book offers practical insights and prompts for adults navigating their own journeys of autistic self-discovery.

Sam currently supports neurodivergent business owners, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs who are ambitious but navigating challenges relating to their neurodivergent traits. Leveraging her expertise, she blends business acumen with a deep understanding of neurodiversity, nurturing a supportive environment conducive to success.

A Brit living in the Netherlands, Sam shares her life with her husband, two children, and two feline companions. Sam always injects a touch of irreverent humour into her professional
endeavours, making her a respected and relatable figure to her many viewers.

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